Our Missionaries

In Matthew 16: 18, Christ said He would build His church and the gates of hell would not prevail against it. Our desire is to humbly seek His kingdom first as we take advantage of the incredible privilege to labor for Him.

A number of key principles guide our missions program.

1. Our own church must grow ever stronger as a basis for expansion of our missions outreach. Our missions emphasis will thrive best as an outgrowth of the health and growth here at home.
2. We desire to reach a spectrum of people-groups and participate in a variety of ministries with a concentration on church planting.
3. We desire to maintain a balance of foreign and home missionaries.
4. Our missionaries are a vital part of our church family. They are accountable to the Lord and to us to be effective. We are accountable to them to read their letters, know them, pray for them, attend to their needs and communicate with them.
It is our prayer that God would use us in a mighty way to accomplish His will. As He directs, we will by faith attempt great things for God and expect great things from God.

Our Missions Board:
Erin Willis
Wayne and Sherry Kenney
Dave Johnson

Below is a list of Maplelawn’s missionaries. You can find additional information such as email, website and ministry details by clicking on the name of a missionary.

Note: Maplelawn Baptist is the sending church for Kazakh missionaries Denis and Zhanara Boris. Please find additional information here.

Home Missions

Foreign Missions

Esper & Jean Ajaj-Ministering to Muslims  in Washington, D.C. through literature    and radio under EBM. Andy & Carmen Castillo-Missionaries to    Honduras.
 Bill & Lois Carmichael– Served under  EBM  as church planters in England. Now  retired.  Dan and Kelly Cook– Serving under  ABWE as church-planters in Brazil.
Bob & Pat Cass- Retired and serving as church builders and pulpit supply in the Michigan area. Served under CBM  Steve and Sue Mayo– ABWE church-  planters in Australia.
Shirley DeFeliece-Former church planters in Geneva, Ohio under CBM. Now retired. Tim & Charlene Miskimen-Training  national pastors throughout SE Asia  under ABTS.
Joanne Dove-Serving under CBM as part of a church planting team in Hellam, PA. Antonio & Diana Navarrete-Serving as church-planters in Mexico under ABWE.
Larry & Pat Groat-Retired. Keith & Debby Jones– Serving as church-planters in Rozzano, Italy under EBM.
Bob & Florine Hawkins-Retired Bible translators under UFM.  Denis and Zhanara Boris– Serving as church planters in Kazakhstan.
Norm & Evelyn Nicklas-in Harrisburg, PA. They serve in administration for ABWE USA.
Bill & Rosie Stoner-In their retirement years under ABWE.
Clagget & Sheila Ward-Retired.
Laurel Wooden-Former church-planters in Japan under BMM.