Denis and Zhanara Boris

Denis Zhanara Denis and Zhanara Boris

Missionaries to Kazakhstan

My wife Zhanara and I have been married more than 11 years; we have one daughter (Sophia). My wife is Kazakh and I am Russian. I was converted at the age of 20. During my church planting attempt in Dubai in 2011 I was introduced to the doctrines of grace in United Christian Church of Dubai and was swept by the centrality of Christ in the Scriptures.

From that time on I pursued full time ministry but I realized that I needed more in-depth theological training. After completing 1-year pastoral internship program in United Christian Church of Dubai, I moved to Michigan to study at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary with the goal of continuing in a full-time ministry.

I am finishing my training at PRTS in Dec, 2016. Right after that we are going back to Kazakhstan.

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