Esper & Jean Ajaj

    ESPER & JEAN AJAJ have a ministry to the Muslims in Washington DC under EMB.
His radio programs are broadcast 1/2 hour every day at 7:30 AM Monday through Friday in the DC area. The programs are also available ‘online’ around the world.
Muslims are very cautious about asking about Christianity. They often know very little about it and believe what they have been taught. Radio (and public access TV broadcasts 10 times a week) enable Muslims to encounter the truth.
    There are many international Arabic students in the DC area.

  • In Washington, D.C. there are 60,000 Arabic speaking people from 18 different nations.
  • 400,000 are in the Los Angles area.
  • 600,000 are in the Detroit area with Dearborn being 95% Muslim. Salinas High School in Dearborn in 100% Muslim.
  • 1/6 of the people in the world are Muslim.

    These statistics mean that radio outreach is very important. Esper’s programs cover questions and objections that Muslims have for Christianity (Trinity, Mary, mother of God, Jesus called God Father, “Why have you forsaken me?”) as well as a series on the Muslim sacrifices which explains the biblical significance of their sacrifices. The radio broadcast consist of about 15 minutes of music and 15 minutes of Esper teaching.
    The radio broadcasts cost $375 per week to produce. ABCDC pays half that. Esper has only received a few gifts from other churches to cover the costs. They also offer a free New Testament to those who request them from the public access broadcasts and they get about 5-7 requests each week. The broadcast is the Sunday message at his church in DC. The public access TV broadcasts cost nothing.
    The Arabic Baptist Church of DC has about 50 members and about 100-125 who attend each Sunday. They have started a second church in Manassas, VA with about 15 attending. The DC church pays for 1/2 the radio costs, all the literature printing, an assistant pastor who works with young people and Esper. They hope to be able to hire another pastor to work with the new church in Manassas.
    They sponsor the Annual Arabic Bible Conference, rent a nearby University’s facilities (cafeteria, dorms, auditorium, etc.) and host nearly 1,000 people from across the US.
    Esper works 7 days a week from around 9:00 AM-11:00 PM. He says he does not get tired because he is enjoys what he is doing, but he is very busy. He pastors two churches, prepares material for the radio and TV broadcasts, writes the bimonthly magazine, is currently rewriting in English one of this previously written books (in Arabic) which addresses difficult questions Muslims ask. He has written 4 other books already: Soul Winning (Arabic), Jesus, Center of Prophecy (English and Arabic), and Baptism (Arabic). He is planning to borrow the money from the church to publish his book in English (Difficult Questions) and they to pay them back when the books are sold. He believes it is important to get this book out in English because he says nominal Christians are easy prey to Muslims who ask questions about apparent contradictions in Christianity. (If Jesus was God, why did he ask on the cross, “Why have you forsaken me?”; If Jesus was God, why did he say “My Father is greater that I”?; Does the Trinity mean three Gods?’ Did Mary really give birth to God?, etc.) This book in English will help ground Christians by giving them the biblical answers to these specific questions.
    The bi-monthly magazine is published by the church. Esper writes it and types it (in Arabic, which he says is no different from typing in English!) and a man comes in and prints it for them on the church’s printer. Esper used to print it himself but he doesn’t have the time anymore. God provided this man, a believer, who used to repair the church’s printer when he worked for AB Dick. After it is printed, the church members form an assembly line and collate the pages with the covers and then a machine folds and staples the magazine. They could have it done professionally but it would cost more than their $2,800-$3,000 per week offering could afford. After they mail out the magazine, Esper receives responses from all around the world to which he personally replies.
    His health is good, as is his wife. He didn’t sound like retirement was a part of his long term planning. He will be working for a long time to come.

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